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Technologies at work

The new drilling system from Rothenberger includes the drill stand Rodiacut 250 and, optionally, the drill motor Rodiadrill 200, or Rodiadrill 500.

The fully equipped drill stand, with combination drill mounting plate, levelling helps, borehole middle-indicator and depth stop offers with Rodiadrill 200 four applications in one drilling system which enables a one-man operation.

The system is perfectly suitable for the use in the heating, sanitary and electrical industry as well as in the whole construction industry, where vibration- and dust free working is necessary.

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Get the balance right

Honeywell’s Kombi-2-plus balancing valves, distributed locally through Automated Control Systems (ACS), are installed in the return of hydronic heating or cooling systems and support the following functions:

  • Shutoff of pipeline
  • Pre-setting of valve to throttle the flow
  • Flow measurement
  • Draining and filling of pipeline

Balancing valves are used to create a hydronic balance within the water circuit. A balanced system has constant pressure conditions in the water circuit. This is necessary to ensure that all heat exchangers get the right amount of heating or cooling water and to avoid noise caused by pressure differentials.

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The whispering power pack

The breakthrough for greater efficiency and less noise: ebm Papst’s AxiTop diffuser provides a substantial improvement in efficiency and at the same time reduces operating noise.

Its pressure-boosting effect minimises discharge losses and makes it easier to adapt the fan to commercially available heat exchangers. With the diffuser a large part of the dynamic airflow energy is converted into static pressure. This greatly improves efficiency making it possible to reduce operating speed and thus noise.

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Eco-friendly heat pump


The new Hydro Kit is a high-efficient total solution for floor heating and cooling and hot water supply. This energy saving heating system from LG Electronics takes advantage of ambient air temperatures and residual heat from other areas of the building through air-to-water heat exchange to produce domestic hot water for various applications. Ideal for providing hot water supply to commercial buildings in an energy-efficient way, the Hydro Kit has minimised energy costs as compared to a boiler, while achieving a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions. The Hydro Kit advanced heat pump technology and high-efficiency compressor can optimise operations according to heating loads to increase reliability, reduce noise levels and save energy while achieving flow temperatures up to 80°C.

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