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Cost-saving intelligence

Mitsubishi Electric’s FR-F800 power-saving frequency inverters, available through Adroit Technologies, are the ideal drive solution for pump, compressor and fan applications. It is a fact that industrial and commercial energy users are increasingly burdened by rising energy costs.

However, there is a proven way to reduce these high electricity costs by utilising frequency inverter control for pump and fan applications. Benefits include detection of mechanical faults, auto-tuning of IM and PM motors, and smooth restart. FR-F800 is also fully backwards compatible with the FR-F700 series.

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The brain of your building

CentraLine provides a simple, smart system integration platform, without the challenges of linking via gateways. Energy costs are a major part of a building’s total operating costs.

To reduce them it is necessary to identify major consumers by metering the different energy streams: gas, water and electricity. Consumption can then be optimised.

CentraLine solutions for energy management analyse consumption patterns over a period of time and compare them with benchmark values. By analysing results, alarms and events can be initiated, and actions to reduce consumption can be triggered. Progress can be measured and summarised in periodic reports. Managing building comfort and performance has never been easier.

All environmental systems can be integrated and controlled with complete interoperability. Multiple heat sources (such as oil, wood, heat pump, solar) can be coordinated.

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More than a controller

Omni is the culmination of 30 years of Innotech’s HVAC, Building and Energy Management System (BEMS) and R&D experience.

More than a controller, Omni is a self-contained BEMS. Features include BACnet and other protocols, cross platform web-server with real-time monitoring, programmable points with self-diagnostics, and on-board or remote human-machine interface (HMI). It is compatible with all existing Innotech controllers and includes expansion capabilities to suit your needs.

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Active protection


Available through Carel Controls, humiSonic is a highly compact ultrasonic adiabatic humidifier. Manufactured entirely in house, it exploits all of Carel’s experience in electronic technology.

The built-in electronic board ensures precise control of unit operation and humidity production, as well as connectivity to probes, control and supervisory systems using the Modbus and Carel communication protocols. Periodical washing cycles mean no stagnant water or dust build-up.

The product comes with a drain valve that automatically empties the unit at the end of each working cycle or after a period of inactivity. In addition, the material used to make the tank comprises silver ions for active protection against bacteria proliferation. Compared against the solutions with steam generators available on the market, humiSonic has 90% lower energy consumption.

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