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SKF has partnered with Hanbell to develop a magnetic chiller centrifugal compressor.

Keeping up with the trends

SKF has partnered with Hanbell to develop a magnetic chiller centrifugal compressor. SKF has advanced solutions and a rich experience in magnetic technology, while Hanbell is an important player in the compressor market.

The advantages of magnetic chiller technology include low energy consumption, high energy efficiency, environmentally friendly, and low maintenance costs. SKF’s advanced solutions mean reduced total cost of ownership, a 10–40% decrease in energy consumption, improved equipment service life, and increased reliability.

Combining the centrifugal compressor with magnetic technology is a developing trend for the centrifugal compressor industry.

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Cool app

Coolselector 2, a new and improved version of Danfoss’s calculation and selection software is now available for download, replacing all existing calculation and selection software for refrigeration.

Features include:

  • Easy selection
  • Graphical presentation of pressure drop 
  • Unique calculation and support tool for contractors and system designers 
  • Save selections for similar, future projects 
  • Export and share functions
  • Automatic version updates

The software provides suggestions for components, which enables the user to select the best suited component based on several parameters such as cooling capacity, refrigerant, evaporation and condensation temperature, and other critical variables in common refrigeration systems.
Coolselector 2 features unbiased calculations for the selection of refrigeration and air conditioning components based on the user’s requirements or based on standard operating conditions.

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A name with quality

The Electrovent Non Return/ Back Draft Damper available through Distributair is an extremely sensitive gravity operated back-draft damper. It can operate in horizontal or vertical planes and when fitted with counterbalance weights, can be set to relieve at very low differential pressures.

A non-metallic blade-to-blade seal provides quiet operation during high spot velocities. All blades are linked together with a common link to prevent individual blade opening and closing, thus eliminating the pulsing and drumming effect often found with similar dampers.

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Less silver, same strength

By substantially reducing the silver content in Umicore’s new BrazeTec BlueBraze brazing alloys, you become less dependent on silver price fluctuations in the market of precious metals and thus get more planning stability when calculating the cost of your materials.

Construction, processes and processing remain unchanged. During the development of BrazeTec BlueBraze, apart from reducing silver content, the top priority was retaining the important properties of materials of standard brazing alloys.

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