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SARACCA looks at CoCs

SARACCA looks at CoCs

The quarterly SARACCA Johannesburg meeting took place on 4 May, and discussed the dos and don’ts of certificates of conformity (CoCs) and how the local contractors are doing in this tough year.

At the first meeting of the South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractor’s Association (SARACCA), things kicked off with John Parry of 52 Engineering and director of the South African Qualification & Certification Committee (SAQCC) for Gas, who gave a brief talk about CoCs.

Parry kept things interesting and showed the contractors in attendance a TedX video on neuroplasticity and the power of the mind, inviting audience participation about what they have learnt. He then moved onto his talk about CoCs, reiterating why it’s important to actually keep writing these out.

The problem is that consultants do not insist on CoCs from the contractors and they should. This would improve the quality of work and add benefit to contractors who do things the right way. There was a request from the floor for electronic CoCs as the paperwork can be a nuisance. The committee assured everyone that they are working on it, even potentially looking at developing an app so it can be done on a smart phone.

After Parry’s talk, each contractor got a chance to talk about how business is doing. There seems to be a definite drop off in tender activity with most companies complaining about the year being off to a slow start. Some are very busy but many of the smaller, emerging contractors are looking for more business.

There was also a concern from the floor that the government and property owners are making it difficult for contractors by not insisting on compliant contracting companies. There are many regulations but not a lot of enforcement. The problem is that compliance costs more and often this gets overlooked as cheaper tenders win time after time. There needs to a mind-set change.

Things got a bit heated between some of the older contractors and the newer members who want more help from the association in getting tenders. But SARACCA reiterated the importance of them staying neutral as an association.

The meeting was well attended and took place at the usual Johannesburg Country Club in Woodmead and afterwards everyone got a chance to catch up over some refreshments.


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